How To Make Really Thick And Creamy Smoothies

By adding milk, yogurt, dairy or dairy alternatives to smoothies made in your home smoothie maker, you will produce and even more creamy and delicious results.  Careful choice of ingredients will ensure that the smoothies are still healthy and low … Continue reading

Top Features to look for in a Smoothie Maker

Features to look for in a Smoothie Maker When thinking about buying a smoothie maker, a few moments noting down the key features to look for will ensure you get the right model for your requirements as well as saving … Continue reading

Top Tips for the Perfect Smoothie

Blending a Smoothie. Add your ingredients to the smoothie maker jug and make sure that the lid is correctly positioned before you start.  Blend the ingredients for anything between 10 seconds and 45 seconds, depending on the fruit or vegetables you … Continue reading