Vitamix 4500 Review

Vitamix Turboblend 4500

Vitamix 4500 also known as the Turboblend 4500 is the Vitamix model specifically designed to be a great smoothie maker as well as making frozen desserts, sauces, soups, purees, crushed ice and chopped vegetables and nuts.
This really is a professional quality appliance that you can use in your own kitchen to revolutionise the way you prepare food. It has precision crafted stainless steel blades which will enable you to blend as little as four ounces of ingredients or a full sixty-four ounce container to the same, super-smooth consistency.

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Vita-Mix Turbo Blend 4500 with 64 oz. Container

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The blender carafe, or jar of the Vitamix 4500 is made of BPA-free Tritan ™ copolyester which is almost unbreakable and engineered to last. The patented design pulls the ingredients into the blades as they spin to make blending even more efficient and speedy.
Vitamix Turbo Blend 4500 64 oz capacityIt is very easy to add ingredients whilst you are blending as the lid has flexible two piece thermoplastic “easy off” lid and a patented stirring stick or tamper which helps you to push any stubborn ingredients down onto the blades whilst the machine is in operation – you do not have to switch the machine off in order to do this.
I am not surprised this machine is called the Turboblend 4500 as it has a powerful motor, especially designed for Vitamix in Sweden and it can spin the ingredients being blended at an incredible 218 miles per hour! The all stainless steel enclosed blade assembly is engineered for strength and precision – you can crush a full carafe of ice in just three seconds (yes, 3 seconds!).

Vitamix seem to have thought of absolutely everything with this model as it is bound to be used so much, they have made it simplicity itself to clean.

All you need to do is to half fill the container with warm water and a drop or two of washing up liquid, leave the blade in, run the machine and it turns itself into a self cleaning machine, just like running a dishwasher!
This is a really superb counter-top machine, weighing fourteen pounds and measuring 7.25” in width, 8.75” in depth and 20” in height.

It has two speeds and comes with the Vitamix five year warranty.

I cannot begin to tell you all the things you could make with this brilliant machine but it does make superb smoothies! You will get lots more inspiration from the Vitamix Turboblend 4500 book that is supplied with it and which contains 170 mouthwatering recipes.

The Diet Solution Program Review

Review of The Diet Solution Program: The Program that Promises Fat Loss along with an incredible amount of Health and Vitality. Use this link to visit The Diet Solution Program website.

The Diet Solution Program is amazing, not only does it promise a complete and comprehensive weight loss program that will help you to lose weight by reducing body fat but it also guarantees an increase in your energy levels, and your general health and vitality at the same time.

I know that there are so many weight loss programs – the internet is full of them – so why should you believe that this program will be different or better than any other Diet program you have ever tried?

Well, first of all, I want to tell you a little bit about the nutrition and exercise specialist Isabel De Los Rios.  Isabel draws on her own experiences with weight problems and her mother’s problems with diabetes and this was the spur for fifteen years of study and research that have led to the development of the Diet Solution Program. She has an educational background in the fields of exercise physiology and nutrition and now has over ten years experience helping her clients to tackle medical problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease and helping them to achieve their ideal weight.

Isabel’s training and educational background is impressive but it is her personal ‘hands on’ work with hundreds of real people with real problems who are her clients that has given clarity to all the facts and principles that she had already learned and she really tells it to her readers ‘like it is’, delivering the truths that most people have never before taken the time to research and understand.

Isabel’s nutrition principles are pretty radical, which is why her approach works when many other methods fail. So, if you are looking for the same old nutrition theories taught in every other book and program on the market today, this is not the program for you.

I guess the biggest question you are asking is basically, “What is The Diet Solution Program?” Isabel believes this is the most comprehensive and detailed nutritional program on the market right now. It does not push some unreasonable, unsustainable way to lose weight. I believe that this is the best part about Isabel’s program, she shows you a new way of life that is not some tortuous, self-denial eating regimen, she shows you how you can eat really delicious foods in the right combinations to lose weight and to maintain your ideal weight when you reach it.  She teaches you how you can make this new healthy way of eating into a lifestyle because she teaches you what you need to do to achieve your ideal weight.  She gives you delicious meal plans, gives you the recipes to make them and the shopping lists for everything you need. If you have ever tried to lose weight in the past, you will know that this is a blueprint for success.

Even better, by following Isabel’s healthy eating plans, there are so many health benefits; decreased blood sugar, lower cholesterol, clearer skin, no more digestive discomfort and above all, increased energy and vitality are amongst the many benefits people on The Diet Solution Program have experienced.

So, if you are sick and tired of following nutrition plans that either do not help you to lose weight or do help you to lose weight but make you feel just awful, this program not only works, but will help you to feel revitalised and energized at the same time. It is no point being at your ideal weight if you feel miserable, ill and tired. Isabel does not promise to wave a magic wand and provide an ‘instant fix’ you will need to put some effort in but everything you need to succeed is in her program:

■Step by step action steps telling you exactly how to put the principles in place
■Detailed daily meal plans that make everyday eating easy
■Shopping Lists to make food shopping a snap
■Delicious Recipes to make everyday meals tasty

The manual is absolutely jam-packed with valuable information but you can begin with  Isabel’s Quick Start Guide that will get you started on the program right away – in fact, some people have used the quick start guide alone to lose as much as 10 – 15 pounds in as little as 6 weeks.

The Diet Solution Program is not just another weight loss fad or an extreme diet. It is perfect for anyone who has struggled with their weight and is sick of programs that do not work in the long term and for people who want to take control of health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. The Diet Solution Program really is a way to not only lose weight but to learn to eat healthily for a lifetime.

If you are curious, take a look at Isabel’s program, visit The Diet Solution Programwebsite using the link, I think you will be as impressed as I was with all the meal plans and Isabel’s expertise – so much better than taking weight loss pills!

Before The Diet Solution Program

After The Diet Solution Program

Tips on Making Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, healthy smoothies for weight loss are a really nutritious snack you can make at home. Low-calorie snacks are something that can be bought ready made but these may not only be expensive, they may also have have a lot of ingredients which you could not really describe as healthy. Slim smoothies for weight loss can easily be made with just about any kind of fruit, fresh or frozen. You need to add some yogurt which can be either low fat or no fat and if you use probiotic yogurt, your smoothie will be even more healthy.

To make your smoothie even more creamy and delicious, you can add ice cubes – but this is not essential.

Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss

If you are going to make your own healthy smoothies for weight loss, ideally you should purchase a smoothie maker or smoothie blender. There are lots of inexpensive blenders on the market if you are on a tight budget although you can spend more and get yourself a really top of the range model such as one of the Blendtec blenders like the Blendtec Xpress. What you need to be sure of is that the blender you choose is good enough to crush ice and frozen fruit. You will find that quite a lot of blenders are robust enough to crush frozen ingredients so it is a really good idea to purchase one that is either branded as a smoothie maker or which states specifically that it can deal with frozen ingredients.

frozen fruitYou can prepare in advance by freezing fruit in chunks ready for making a speedy smoothie snack. You can also freeze your yogurt in small quantities – again, this makes whizzing up a healthy smoothie when you are feeling hungry, almost as quick as reaching for the cookie jar. You really only need to have one of your ingredients frozen so it is probably best to freeze the fruit when you have time to prepare it and use the yogurt straight from the fridge.

Slim smoothies are made by mixing your fruit and yogurt together in the smoothie maker. It is fun experimenting with different quantities and different types of fruit. As mentioned earlier, ice cubes make really thick and creamy smoothies but add absolutely no calories! You can use sweetener rather than sugar if your fruits are a little sharp, but honey is probably a better option, especially if you can use some active Manuka honey and you will not need very much.

smooothies for weight lossIf you are trying to kick start your weight loss program, you could make meal replacement lose weight smoothies. It is important to remember though that you should not replace too many meals with smoothies because cutting down on calories too much can actually be counter-productive and cause your metabolism to slow down. When this happens, weight loss can be harder rather than easier. It is probably better to make a really delicious healthy meal replacement smoothie at lunchtime or instead of an afternoon snack from time to time. Concentrate on giving yourself top quality nutrition rather than some of the doubtful ingredients in some ready-made low calorie snacks and meal replacements.

avocadoAvocados are just one of the delicious ingredients you can use in meal replacement smoothies.

Avocados are very high in vitamins and minerals although you may find that smoothies with avocado as the main ingredient will probably require some sweetening. Papayas are another great fruit you could use as the central ingredient in lose weigh smoothies.

The most important thing to remember when making healthy smoothies for weight loss, is to choose fruits that you really enjoy.

This will ensure two things, firstly your slim smoothie will seem like a delicious treat rather than something you are having but only because it is low calorie.

Secondly, it will ensure that you have the variety in your low calorie diet that you need if it is not to become boring. This way, you will stick at it and achieve great results.

Low Calorie Smoothies Help You To Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, getting an attack of the ‘munchies’ and searching out a snack is a big problem and one that leads us to become guilt-ridden if we give in and miserable if we do not!  Many commercially available snacks are packed full of refined ingredients and loaded with sugar.  Even so-called ‘healthy’ snacks that are low in fat may have many ingredients added to make them taste nicer that really are not good for us in the long term.  A great way of getting a delicious snack is to try some of the nutritious. Low calorie smoothies that can be made at home. 

All you will need is a smoothie maker or a good quality blender, some fruit, some liquid such as low fat yogurt, some ice and maybe a little honey as a sweetener.

Low calorie smoothiesFrozen Fruit Low Calorie Smoothies

Low calorie smoothies can also be made using frozen fruits.  These smoothies are great when you are in a hurry as they are so quick to make – all the fruit preparation has already been done.  Just plan ahead and buy fruit in season, when it is on sale at the end of the day or in bulk from a market.  This will save you lots of money and all you need to do is to wash the fruit, cut it into ice cube sized chunks and freeze it.

Plain low fat yogurt is a really healthy ingredient to add to your low fat, low calorie smoothies.  This type of yogurt does not have any additional ingredients added like flavourings or sugar.  It is worth checking the ingredients list though, just to make sure there is nothing unexpected in there!  This type of yogurt is also available in a probiotic version and this would be my choice for making the perfect low calorie smoothie.  Many of these yogurts also state on the packaging that they can be frozen so it is worth keeping a couple in the freezer in case you run out.

ice cubesAll you need to do to make your low calorie smoothie is to blend the fruit and the yogurt together with some ice cubes.  Place the ice and frozen fruit in your smoothie maker or blender jug first and then add the yogurt. If you can possible do without adding sugar, this is the best way to enjoy low fat, low-calorie smoothies.  You will find that many fruits are already sweet enough so that you will not need to add any additional sweetener.  However, if you have chosen really ‘sharp’ fruits, honey would be my choice for a natural, unrefined sweetener.  Manuka honey if you have it has many health beneifits and should be considered for this reason.  Sweeteners or sugar substitutes are best avoided in my opinion as they are not a natural product.

Low calorie smoothies can be incorporated into any healthy eating plan as they are so delicious you will really enjoy them even if you have no need to lose weight.  These homemade smoothies are so easy to make in your smoothie maker that you can easily whizz them up in your home smoothie maker and freeze them to use instead of ice cream for dessert.  If you are already at your healthy weight and do not need to watch your calorie intake too closely, you can substitute the low fat yogurt with one of the creamier versions.  However it is still a good idea not to add unnecessary sugar.

Another way of making delicious low fat, low calorie smoothies is to make vegetable smoothies.  There are many recipes for green smoothies that possibly sound a rather unattractive idea to start with.  However, there are so many health benefits to eating green smoothies that they are well worth a try.  A spinach smoothie with berries added is a surprisingly delicious one to start with.  It is certainly a great way of getting children to eat some greens without even noticing!

honeyLow calorie smoothies are easy to make using a single fruit or by combining several fruits or fruits and vegetables.  It is fun to experiment with the different flavours and you will very quickly start to notice the benefits for your health. Making smoothies at home in your smoothie maker is a really delicious way of ensuring an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables in our diets.  Low fat, low calorie smoothies make a delicious, guilt-free snack that can be enjoyed at any time of day – whether we are trying to lose weight or not.


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Back To Basics Smoothie Elite Blender

The Back To Basics Smoothie Elite Blender is the perfect smoothie maker and has been designed specifically to blend delicious and nutritious smoothies – fast.  It has been so popular that it is consistently a best seller and I have found it online at a great price right now. 

New features have been incorporated for even greater convenience and ease of use and these include an easy-pour handle and a blender cap which replaces the dispenser valve if you are using the smoothie elite maker for chopping and blending dry ingredients.

Smoothie Elite BlenderThe Smoothie Elite Blender is equipped with a large size 56 ounce jar which has easy to read measuring marks for adding your ingredients such as liquid, fruit, yogurt and so on.  This makes it so easy to get your recipes just right every time and there are measuring lines for either two servings or four servings so you can make smaller quantities if required.

The powerful 500 watt motor has three speeds, mix, smooth and pulse so you are always in control of the consistency of your smoothie. 

The blender jar is cleverly shaped ensuring that the ingredients spiral downwards onto the center blade which ensures even mixing of all ingredients whatever their size or consistency.

In addition, the Back To Basics Smoothie Elite has a unique stirring stick which is inserted through the center of the lid and down into the jar.  This stir stick breaks up any air pockets and ensures that blending is really efficient.  The Smoothie Elite Blender also copes brilliantly with frozen drinks and can whizz them smooth in no time, thanks to the heavy duty blade for crushing ice.

The clever dispenser valve on the front of the machine is designed to allow you to continue mixing whilst you serve and this valve eliminates spills and mess.

This great machine comes complete with a limited one year warranty, instructions and a recipe book so you can get started straight away! Use the links below to view the product pages.


Back to Basics SE2000B Smoothie Elite Smoothie Maker, Brushed Chrome



Back-to-Basics Smoothie Elite Maker

See the Smoothie Elite Blender in action on this expotv video.