A Smoothie Maker is a Great Investment for a Healthier Diet

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A smoothie maker may very well turn out to be a really good investment, not only does it make getting a lot more vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables a simple process that is also absolutely delicious, it also saves time if you prepare the fruits and vegetables when you have time and store them in the freezer ready for use.

This has the advantage of saving you buying ready made smoothies, your own home made ones will not have been processed to prolong shelf life, or contain any ingredients you do not want!

Blendtec Xpress

If you are dieting, you can use your smoothie maker for delicious low calorie treats and add fruits and vegetables to powdered diet drinks to make them even more delicious and healthy whilst adding hardly any extra calories.

A smoothie maker does not take up much counter space in your kitchen. The basic difference between a smoothie maker and most blenders is that a smoothie maker has more power so it can crush ice and other frozen ingredients and make really smooth drinks.

There are lots of blenders on the market that can crush ice and you may find that you do not need another machine – however, most people will agree that a smoothies made in a blender lack the clarity of colour and truly delicious smoothness of smoothie maker smoothies unless you get a really good blender.

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There are plenty of these if you shop around, most notable of which the Blendtec Blenders – my favourite model is the Blendtec Xpress and from Vitamix who especially recommend the Vitamix 4500 for use as a smoothie maker. Even these top of the range models are available at really excellent prices- especially if you buy online.

Whilst top of the range smoothie makers have many additional features like being able to keep drinks chilled or with two canisters to make more than one type of smoothie at once, these are not really necessary for use at home and the cost and the larger size make them a ‘bridge too far’ for most of us. However, if you are planning on using a smoothie maker in a commercial setting, this is exactly the type of machine you will want to go for.

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