Blendtec TB 621 20 Total Blender Review

Blendtec Home TB 621 20 The Professional’s Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender

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Blendec Home offers you The TB 621 20, The Professional’s Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender which promises to deliver a performance equivalent to using nine other kitchen appliances. It has a very simple design making it a very easy to use countertop appliance. With its simplicity comes the convenience that it brings to your kitchen not just in setting it up but also in cleaning it as well. It provides an all-in-one function in making smoothies, juice, ice cream, sauces, and has many other applications in blending, chopping and making purees.

extract from customer review:-

Blendtec Home The Professional's Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender Black

“Cleaning the Blendtec is by far the easiest blender I have ever cleaned. Because the blades are integrated into the jar, it only has two pieces (jar and lid) compared to traditional blenders that have around six. For the most part after using the blender I just put water and a small amount of soap into the jar and pulse it a few times, rinse it out, and then set it out to dry.”

extract from customer review:-

“I have had a Vita Mix and can tell you this is Way better. One thing not mentioned in the specs is that the blendtec is only about 15 inches tall (unlike the Vitamix which is 20). That means it fits on your counter under your cabinets–very important for an appliance you might be using every day.”

This blender also features the popular trademark of Smart-Touch technology in food processing appliances. The power button from a digital touchpad and the unit’s cycle functions automatically in speeding up and slowing down the mixing of ingredients using the two-prong stainless-steel blades, which spin at up to 29,000 rpm, just enough to extract the right amount of flavor from everything you blend. It also turns off automatically after the cycle is completed. There are six blending presets, with speed up and speed down and pulse.

extract from customer review:-

Blendtec Home The Professional's Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender White

“You can walk away from this blender and it knows when to shut itself off, it is not as loud as the Vitamix even though it is more powerful, and the clean-up is a cinch. This is the single best appliance I’ve ever purchased.”

The square, polycarbonate jar has a capacity of around sixty four ounces and also has a large handle, measurement labels, and a fitting lid. The jar comes with a one year warranty while the motor base has a three year warranty. A lifetime warranty is granted on the coupling and blade. These offers are quite tempting when thinking about purchasing this appliance as it demonstrates very clearly Blendtec’s confidence in the quality of this product.

The Professional’s Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender can grind practically any ingredient you have in your kitchen. It can finish your creamy smoothies, creating a perfectly smooth blend without any traces of bits or seeds. You are sure to enjoy a healthier eating and drinking with the huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and pulses that you can blend in it. This is a superb piece of kitchen equipment for anyone who does a lot of food preparation or who wants to prepare blended drinks, soups and smoothies on a regular basis.

extract from customer review:-

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“Wow! Now this is a blender! This thing sucked the fruits and ice down into its vortex amazingly well. With the “Whole Fruits” button, I had great smoothie in 50 seconds or less. I usually just hit the button and go the bathroom. By the time I get back, I got instant smoothie!”

The entire package includes a sixty four ounce jar with lid, base with a 1,500 watt three HP motor, patented two prong stainless-steel blades, and a recipe book with more than a hundred recipes.

The Professional’s Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender is available in a choice of either black or white which looks sleek and stylish in almost any kitchen setting.

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