Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Review

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]The juicer industry was revolutionized by the now famous Breville Juice and Blend.

They proved there is no comparison between freshly made fruit or vegetable juice and the packaged juice you buy from the store.

Their famous slogan is:

“Minimal effort, maximum vitality.”

The benefits of juicing are many, helping the many thousands of people who are using them to be much healthier and happier. Juicing with Breville BJB840XL has several benefits.

Breville Juice and Blend Benefits

  • It provides vital nutrients, antioxidants and many vitamins for your body which helps strengthen the immune system, improving the cell regeneration process and growth.
  • Unlocks nutrients from raw foods: scientists proved that the nutrition in fiber is locked into many vegetables and fruits, being wasted if the digestive system won’t unlock it. The advantage of juicing is that it releases the fiber’s nutrition so that the body can fully benefit from it.
  • The seeds and pits of fruits and vegetables are a very rich source of vital nutrients which we usually throw away. A good quality juicer and blender, like the modern Breville BJB840XL, will extract juice from the whole fruit, including the peelings, pits and seeds therefore providing the vitamin and minerals needed, none of them being lost.
  • Juice is the most concentrated, easily digestible and most absorbable form of foods. A good juicer makes foods much easier to digest and the Breville Juice and Blend enables you to combine juices with yogurt and other ingredients to make a healthy smoothie, helping your body to receive maximum benefit from the source foods.

The Breville BJB840XL is one of the best juice extractors on the market today. It gets great reviews due to its top quality. It is considered the perfect choice whether you are a professional chef or a home cook. In fact, this Juice and Blend model is considered so efficient that scores ‘excellent’ in its price range.

This is an extract from what one happy Amazon customer posted as an update to her original review, three months after the purchase (if you click on the image or the link above, it will take you to the product page where you can read the full review)

“We are now juicing once a day and making smoothies in the blender a few times a week and The Juice and Blend is still the same powerful machine as when it first arrived. I absolutely love both the juicer and blender.The difference the juicer has made in our lives is incredible, I cannot stress this enough. Beyond both of our expectations! The blender is the best that I have ever had the opportunity to use, quality materials, large, powerful. I have not had a problem even blending frozen fruit.”

Breville BJB840XL Features

  • The juice tastes better due to this product’s top quality. The pulp is drier, having fewer large chunks of carrot, apple or other vegetables remaining.
  • There is no (or minimal) pre-cutting required, because this Breville Juice & Blend product will handle fruits like small apples whole, compared to others juicers that require even a small apple to be sliced in more than four pieces. Probably only the larger apples (extremely large) need to be cut in half.
  • It is very easy to clean: almost all parts are dishwasher safe. You can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher if you choose.
  • It has a very powerful 1000 watts motor for the juicer and 1200-watt motor for the blender. One interesting feature is that it starts very slow and then suddenly “ramps up” to full speed, reducing the probability of splashing.
  • The Breville BJB840XL has two interchangeable juicer and blender attachments, combining two kitchen essentials in only one powerful unit.
  • It has a good overload protection and 5 variable speeds.

Juice and Blend

Enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit smoothies and juice for your health and your complexion with the Brevill Juice and Blend

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]The Breville BJB840XL is probably one of the best products of its type available today, combining the juicing and the blending experience in a professional manner. Its usefulness as a smoothie maker for those who want to be sure of getting their full quota of fruits and vegetables in one delicious drink is excellent.

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