Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender 51101

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]This Hamilton Beach single serve blender is model 51101, also called a personal blender. This model is absolutely perfect for blending your morning smoothie or protein shake or any blended beverage you want. The really great thing about it is that you can take your smoothie or shake with you, wherever you go thanks to the fact that the blender container doubles as a travel cup, complete with lid!

Note: 51101 is the white model, 51101B is the black version, R the red version.

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This neat little blender with its 175 watt motor, is powerful enough for fruit smoothies, iced drinks and making shakes. It has a thirteen ounce individual sized jar which means that you do not have to worry about getting your family sized blender out (or the associated washing up afterwards), when you just want to make a single serving.

The Hamilton Beach single serve blender is lightweight, stows away neatly; the manufacturers seem to have thought of everything, right down to the really neat way that the power cord wraps around the base. This model is also very easy to clean.

The stainless steel blades and one touch blending make light work of shakes and fruit smoothies – all you have to do to blend your drink is to press the pulse button. The portable travel cup fits most car cup holders and the safe travel lid avoids spills – so you can take your drink wherever you want, save on extra washing up or the need for other containers by drinking from the container you blended your drink in. The travel lid makes it very easy to drink out of on the go, no mess or spills!

This neat model gets so many great reviews.
Take a look at this short video about Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Top Tip: This model is currently out of stock on the Hamilton Beach website but is available at a great price from Amazon! You can choose either Black, White or Red

I got this blender because I was fed up of making my breakfast smoothie in the family smoothie maker. This way, I don’t even have much clearing up to do as I just take my smoothie in the container to work with me in the morning and drink it on the go.

Here is my checklist of features that I like about the Hamilton Single Serve Blender

  • 1. It is so easy to use, just a simple pulse button to blend my smoothies.
  • 2. It is an absolute snap to clean up afterwards.
  • 3. It can cope with ice and frozen fruits like strawberries, added to smoothie mixture.
  • 4. The pulse button makes blending so controllable
  • 5. Really sturdy construction with stainless steel blades – amazing for such an inexpensive model.
  • 6. Did I mention that it is really inexpensive??
  • 7. Makes perfect smoothies and protein powder shakes with no lumps!
  • 8. Stows away really neatly – although it takes up so little room, that I usually leave mine out on the counter.

I pretty much feel the same way as this reviewer on Amazon:-

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]“I am so glad I bought this little blender. It is exactly what I need for making smoothies. I have a Back to Basics smoothie maker with a pouring spout and that is fine for making smoothies for the whole family, but I also make them daily for myself alone, thus the need for this personal blender.”

If you check on Amazon, you will see that many reviewers say that if their Hamilton Beach single serve blender broke tomorrow, they would definitely replace it with the same model straight away. That’s a pretty good recommendation for a product that costs less than $20!

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