How to make Traffic Light Smoothie Ice Lollies

Smoothie Ice lollies

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These are a great way of using up left over smoothie mixture and make a delicious treat for children and adults alike in the hot weather.

For a children’s party or special occasion, traffic light smoothie ice lollies are great fun and easy to make too!

What you need:
A set of ice lolly moulds (the more the better but the quantities given make about 12 lollies)

For the red layer
250 grams of any red fruit or any mixture of the following raspberries, loganberries, strawberries, cherries (stoned first), redcurrants
Whizz up the fruit in the smoothie maker.  If the fruit is not sweet enough, add a couple of teaspoons of honey.
Spoon the mixture into your lolly moulds to a depth of about one third and freeze for about an hour and a half.
smoothie ice lolliesFor the amber (orange) layer
250 grams of peeled and stoned peaches, or use nectarines or apricots or any combination of these fruits..
Once the red fruit layer has frozen, repeat the process and top up the ice lolly moulds to about 2/3rds full

For the green layer
250 grams of kiwi fruit, peeled, or you could try dessert gooseberries which are delicious, but not so green!

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Once your amber layer has frozen, repeat the process with the green layer and push the lolly sticks into the full mould.  The lollies will take about another hour and a half to freeze completely if the children can wait that long!


1. If you do not have a smoothie maker, you can puree the fruits in a blender and push the fruit pulp through a sieve if wished to remove seeds.

2. If you do not have any ice lolly moulds, you could use plastic egg cups or yoghourt pots and use wooden or plastic lolly sticks.

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