Ninja NJ600 Blender Review

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This Ninja NJ600 blender is such a powerful contender in the market today when it comes to blenders. It has really powerful features that make it almost irresistible to most buyers. It has a powerful 1000-watts professional grade motor which means that this appliance is definitely up to the job of heavy duty blending and processing.

The appliance is supplied with a huge, seventy two ounce capacity plastic blending jar which makes Ninja NJ600 suitable for families and for those who want to make a bigger quantity of mixture at a time when blending and processing in their kitchen.

Ninja NJ600This model gets very good customer reviews with more than half of the sixty or so reviewers on Amazon giving it a five star rating, many reporting that it is quieter than some of the more expensive models on the market, performs really well and is reliable.

The electronic control panel of this Ninja NJ600 offers three speeds and a pulse control as well. It can make creamy smoothies in just thirty seconds, thanks to its six blade technology which is what ensures this appliance gets the job done so quickly.  This speed of operation also makes this model ideal for anyone wanting to make quick and healthy drinks, soups and smoothies at any time of the day. With its triple control speed system, it is easy to adjust the performance and get the texture of your blended drink, shake or smoothie, just how you want it and above all, you will be getting top quality nutrition from the fruits and vegetables prepared so speedily from fresh or frozen.

Extract from customer review:-

“Another fantastic positive point is the SIX patented blades are mounted on a shaft at different levels. This shaft is almost the entire height of the pitcher. Most blenders have their blades on the bottom of the pitcher. Very clever with this blade design that does not create a vortex. Just imagine what a carrot goes through in there :-). Remove the shaft before you pour your mixture. Removing the shaft after use makes cleaning easy.”

Ninja BlenderWhilst this blender may not have some of the capabilities or features of those blenders which are designed for commercial use, for its price (see link at the foot of the page to get it for less than $100!), it might just be the best value household blender available in the market at the moment! It can deliver an excellent chopping and processing finish to all your vegetables and fruits. It can crush ice to snow in a matter of seconds and the speed of operation ensures that you get the maximum flavour from all the ingredients you use.

Extract from customer review:-

“I make green smoothies in my Ninja every morning that contain the following: water, spinach, carrots, stalk of celery, bananas, apple, and frozen berries. It blends everything extremely well and I don’t feel like I’m “chewing” my smoothie.
Yeah, I’d love to be able to afford a $400 blender, but at this point in time, the Ninja does what I need it to do and my family and I are healthier because of it. I highly recommended this as an alternative to a commercial grade blender.”

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This is also a counter top blender that is beautifully designed to add style to your kitchen with its sleek black finish.

Aside from easy-to-use features, it also has a cord storage which ensures that the Ninja NJ600 looks tidy on your kitchen worktop or if you choose to store it in a cupboard, this makes it easy to do. A sturdy non-slip base is also included for it to guarantee a stand-still performance whatever you are blending.

The pitcher, lid and its blades are all dishwasher safe.

This is a big plus for me, life is definitely too short to be trying to wash sharp blades by hand and the Ninja NJ600 is a breeze to clean up.

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