How To Make Really Thick And Creamy Smoothies

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By adding milk, yogurt, dairy or dairy alternatives to smoothies made in your home smoothie maker, you will produce and even more creamy and delicious results.  Careful choice of ingredients will ensure that the smoothies are still healthy and low in calories. 

To ensure healthy bones in young children and to protect from osteoporosis in adulthood, an adequate supply of calcium is needed and both dairy and enriched dairy alternative milks are a good source of this vital mineral.

Add Dairy Milk

Careful choice of ingredients will ensure that the smoothies are still healthy and low calorie smoothies.  Dairy milk is one of the richest natural sources of calcium available.  Children who may benefit from additional calories could have full fat milk, but for the rest of us, it is probably best avoided because it is high in the saturated fats which we should restrict in our diets for the sake of our health.  The full benefits of dairy milk are still available in both low fat and skimmed milk.

Add Cream

For an occasional and indulgent treat, cream can be added to smoothies.  Crème fraiche or mascarpone also give excellent rich and creamy results.  Children who may benefit from additional calories could have full fat milk, but for the rest of us, it is probably best avoided because it is high in the saturated fats which we should restrict in our diets for the sake of our health.

Add Yogurt

thick and creamy strawberry smoothie

Thick and Creamy Strawberry Smoothie

Adding yogurt is another delicious way of making smoothies thicker and creamier.  Some yogurts such as the thick ‘Greek’ type yogurts are high in calories so it is best to check before buying and choose one of the lower fat versions of these thick and creamy varieties.  To add an extra dimension to smoothies, add fruit yogurts.

Like milk, yogurt is also rich in calcium and can often be tolerated by people who have difficulty digesting dairy milk.  Probiotic yogurts, sometimes called ‘live’ yogurts are the best sort to look for as these have huge health benefits to both the digestive system and the immune system.  These types of yogurts are especially beneficial after illness or a course of antibiotics.  High fibre yogurts which actively lower cholesterol are now widely available and make good additions to smoothies.

Use Dairy Alternatives

Dairy alternatives are ideal for anyone suffering from lactose intolerance or who prefers to limit the amount of dairy products in their diet.  Dairy alternative milks are widely available and are a good low calorie option.  Dietary advice is that Polyunsaturated fats are a healthier choice and almost all nut milks (except coconut milk) are high in these.

Soy milk is a great dairy milk substitute and is available enriched with calcium which is good news if it is drunk regularly instead of cow’s milk.

Rice milk is a great addition to smoothies and shakes and is also available in flavours such as vanilla and strawberry.

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Rice milk is sweet and delicious and is worth adding for this reason although its texture is not as thick as cow’s milk. 

Non-dairy milks enriched with calcium are a good idea if these are regularly drunk instead of dairy milk and most soya milks now have as much calcium as cow’s milk.

In conclusion, there are many delicious ways to achieve thicker and creamier smoothies and shakes and by careful choice of ingredients, these need not necessarily add more calories. 

I prefer to make my smoothies at home in my smoothie maker for this reason as I know exactly what has gone into the smoothies I drink and it is fun to experiment with different ingredients.

L Equip Blender, L’Equip RPM Blender – Model 306500

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This L Equip Blender is a home appliance that thinks it is a commercial blender!  Manufactured to the highest standards, the stylish and modern design will complement any kitchen, whether it is traditional or modern.

The L’Equip RPM Counter Top Blender is definitely the best blender / smoothie maker in its class and comes with an affordable price tag.  It was voted the favourite Blender by Men’s Journal Magazine so it is going to be popular with the men around the house too!

This amazing piece of equipment comes with a powerful and reliable 900 watt motor.  It can generate up to 20,000 rpm and a built-in RPM tachometer.

The heavy duty polycarbonate jug pitcher, positions onto the base at any angle and is completely dishwasher safe.

It has a 1.75 litre or seven cup capacity and a black rubber lid which is designed to be completely leakproof.

When using as a smoothie maker, the Tamper stick ensures even blending withouth having to remove the lid.

There is also a funnel cone for adding extra ingredients.

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The stainless steel, commercially designed blades can cope with just about any job you throw at them, whizzing up ice cubes and frozen fruit without any problems at all.

The whole unit is encased in a brushed metal housing ensuring a sleek and modern look to this indispensable piece of kitchen equipment.

In the UK, the equivalent model is the L’Equip 228 – available from, here L’Equip 228 R.P.M. Blender or order the 30650 from using the link below.


L’Equip 306500 20,000-RPM 7-Cup Blender with Polycarbonate Pitcher


Buy a Red Smoothie Maker

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What could be smarter or more stylish as an accessory in a modern kitchen than a shiny red smoothie maker?

This piece of indispensable kitchen equipment is obviously becoming something of an icon judging by the rapidly rising number of google searches for smoothie maker red!

So get ahead of the trend and own one today!


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How to make Traffic Light Smoothie Ice Lollies

Smoothie Ice lollies

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These are a great way of using up left over smoothie mixture and make a delicious treat for children and adults alike in the hot weather.

For a children’s party or special occasion, traffic light smoothie ice lollies are great fun and easy to make too!

What you need:
A set of ice lolly moulds (the more the better but the quantities given make about 12 lollies)

For the red layer
250 grams of any red fruit or any mixture of the following raspberries, loganberries, strawberries, cherries (stoned first), redcurrants
Whizz up the fruit in the smoothie maker.  If the fruit is not sweet enough, add a couple of teaspoons of honey.
Spoon the mixture into your lolly moulds to a depth of about one third and freeze for about an hour and a half.
smoothie ice lolliesFor the amber (orange) layer
250 grams of peeled and stoned peaches, or use nectarines or apricots or any combination of these fruits..
Once the red fruit layer has frozen, repeat the process and top up the ice lolly moulds to about 2/3rds full

For the green layer
250 grams of kiwi fruit, peeled, or you could try dessert gooseberries which are delicious, but not so green!

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Once your amber layer has frozen, repeat the process with the green layer and push the lolly sticks into the full mould.  The lollies will take about another hour and a half to freeze completely if the children can wait that long!


1. If you do not have a smoothie maker, you can puree the fruits in a blender and push the fruit pulp through a sieve if wished to remove seeds.

2. If you do not have any ice lolly moulds, you could use plastic egg cups or yoghourt pots and use wooden or plastic lolly sticks.

What is a Smoothie, Why Buy a Smoothie Maker

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Use your smoothie maker to make a smoothie and you are getting the whole fruit, with all its goodness, including the fibre-rich pulp so essential for the health of our digestive tract.

Drinking fruit juice, as we all know is good for our health because of all the vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals contained in it.

Juice though is just juice, just a part of the fruit that you get by putting it through a press or a juicer.

Did you know that a single three-fruit smoothie will usually contain about one third of your recommended 18 g per day of fibre.

There are two sorts of fibre, soluble and insoluble. The table below showing some of the fruits most usually included in Smoothies, shows that they are a good source of both.

fibre in fruits

Soluble fibre lowers cholesterol levels and helps to control blood sugar. It contains gums and pectin.

Insoluble fibre helps you to have regular bowel movements by making stools soft and more bulky. It helps to prevent constipation and long term health problems such as bowel cancer. Insoluble fibre contains lignin, hemicellulose and cellulose.

Top five benefits of drinking smoothies.

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1. A healthy smoothie is a good way to get your children to eat the delicious fruits and vegetables that they might otherwise refuse at mealtimes.
2. With a smoothie maker, a smoothie is a quick to prepare and very efficient way of topping up our recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.
3. Use your smoothie maker to get a fruit energy boost, without having to get a ‘hit’ of caffeine from coffee.
4. By carefully selecting the ingredients of your smoothies, you can use smoothies for a natural body detox and give yourself a health spa treat in a glass.
5. Because they are quick and easy to prepare in the morning, they can be taken to work in a vacuum flask to keep cool and drunk throughout the day.

Buy a smoothie maker, make your own, home-made smoothies and save money.  A home-made smoothie will cost you about half the price of a store-bought one and is much, much cheaper than buying one in a café or restaurant.

An added bonus to making your own smoothies at home in your smoothie maker is that shop-bought ones are often heat-treated (pasteurised) so that they stay fresh longer, you will only be drinking the freshest and most nutritious smoothies if you make them at home.

Bestselling Smoothie Maker Blenders

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