Oster BCBG08 Glass Jar 8 Speed Blender Review

This Oster BCBG08 Glass Jar 8 Speed Blender was rated a ‘Best Buy’ by Consumer Reports and it seems that there are many very happy customers out there who absolutely agree.

This Oster blender is one of the lower priced models on the market but can compete with others several times its price when it comes to blending and smoothie making – including crushing ice.

This model may have a ‘basic’ model price tag and is currently on sale for under $40 and with free shipping available from Amazon, you really cannot go wrong – and many happy reviewers are happy to go on the record saying that this blender blends as well as much more expensive models.

Buy your Oster BCBG08-C 6-Cup Glass Jar 8-Speed Blender at a great discount from Amazon, today!

What Do People Like About this Oster 8 Speed Blender

Oster 8 Speed BlenderPeople love the fact that the Oster BCBG08 blender has a glass jar. First of all there is no risk of bacteria-harboring scratches developing inside the blender jar, second there is no fear of any BPA contamination from plastic getting into the food you are blending, thirdly, the jar is incredibly robust and has been thermal shock tested so there is a much smaller chance of damage or breakage – and of course, it is 100% dishwasher safe.

Editor’s note – if you have not heard about the dangers of BPA, this helpful article will prove useful.
Whilst the risks are very small, it is certainly the case that a growing number of people prefer to avoid the use of these plastics wherever possible.

The stainless steel ice crushing blade is a feature you often find on much more expensive models and it is a great addition to this blender, making really smooth drinks from frozen ingredients every time. The 450 watt motor is powerful enough to cope with just about anything you want to blend in it, whether this is ice cubes or nuts, it will go on turning out sauces, soups, dips and smoothies, just the way you like them, thanks to the eight speed settings, time after time after time.

Oster BCBG08 control panelAnother thing that customers love is the reassurance of a product that is made in North America and which provides secure locking with metal parts (not plastic) and an all metal drive to ensure that you go on getting the same great results – for years to come. The control panel is neatly arranged with just three speed buttons, a high or low toggle and a button for ice crushing and pulse – and of course, an off button.

So, are there any drawbacks at all with the Oster BCBG08?

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Hamilton Beach Dual Wave Blender Review

I have been looking for a smoothie maker for ages and it seems I have found exactly what I need in this Hamilton Beach Dual Wave Blender!

I have young children and making breakfast smoothies for them is by far the easiest way to get all that nutrition and goodness into their tummies. So I need a smoothie machine that is quick, easy to use, blends a perfect smoothie every time and is no fuss to clean up afterwards.

The first thing I noticed about the Hamilton Beach 52147H Dual Wave Versatile Blender (to give this super smoothie maker it’s full name!) is that it really is as versatile as its name implies! I have the choice of blending an eighty-ounce pitcher, a sixteen-ounce cup or two sixteen-ounce cups at the same time. This is perfect for me because everyone in the family has a different favourite type of smoothie. In less than thirty seconds, I can blend two different smoothies and keep both kids happy! Each of the separate blending stations has its own speed and blade settings, so you really can create two completely different drinks.

Hamilton Beach Dual Wave Blender

The Hamilton Blender with the two cup option in place

Of course, this smoothie maker is not just for the kids! I cannot wait to have a party and treat my guests to some fabulous smoothies. Because I can make an eighty-ounce pitcher (which is, in my experience, far larger than the typical smoothie machine in this price range), or even two different drinks at once, there is no danger that my guests will get parched while they are waiting for their beverages!

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Vitamix 5200 Review

Customers who have already purchased the Vitamix 5200 very quickly realised that this model is more than just an ordinary blender. It continues the tradition of the famous Vita-Mix Corporation, which is one of the most important names in the market for blenders and smoothie makers.

The original version of this model was introduced to the US in 2007, since then it has remained the world’s best-selling Vitamix product. The improved design features and a more powerful motor are just a few aspects that distinguish this model from its predecessor, the 5000.

Vitamix 5200 Features

There are several features that made this blender so well-known and well respected in the world of blenders – and made so many happy customers to give it a 5-star review! Some of them are:

  • Vitamix 5200A spill-proof cover that has a lid plug that can be easy removed.
  • An ergonomically designed handle with soft-touch controls for a better comfort and control.
  • A large 48 oz container which is shatter-proof, specially designed to create a vortex in order to make the process of blending extremely efficient.
  • A metal container-to-base coupler for a longer life and a maximum durability.
  • A very powerful motor: the 2 Hp will allow the blades to reach an astonishing 240 mph in order to perfectly blend even the toughest ingredients.
  • A varying speed control: you are the one that will control the blades. You can grind, chop or fully blend any ingredient.
  • An extra high-speed setting: located in the left side of the control panel, this button allows you to blend even the toughest ingredients, such as ice or frozen vegetables.

Extract from Amazon customer review:-

“We’ve had various brands of blenders in past years, but none have met the quality that I found with this blender.”

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Krups KB790 Blender Review

More powerful and durable than ever, the modern Krups KB790 Blender is a smoothie maker/blender that is getting top reviews from customers.

Combining an outstanding performance with its durability, this modern blender easily performs everyday kitchen tasks, from mixing up smoothies and pureeing vegetables to crushing ice.

Product Features of thE Krups KB790 Blender

  • This modern Die Cast Blender has several features that makes it unique among other blenders. Some of these features are:
  • 6 high-quality stainless steel blades: these sharp blades are perfect for a quick blend, allowing you to achieve a finer texture than ever before
  • 7 different programs for an increased blending efficiency
  • 5 levels of speed that can be used for different types of textures; the additional ice crushing function was created for usage in restaurants or bars, or simply for those that want a finely chopped ice suitable for a delicious martini or a thick and creamy smoothie. The Vari-Pulse mode can be enabled for each setting.
  • A 60-ounce glass jar that is shock-resistant, featuring a waterproof locking lid to equip the Krups KB790 Blender with additional safety features.
  • A powerful 1000-watt motor that is specially designed for a noise reduction – this modern patented technology of noise reduction is very appreciated by many Krups blender users, allowing for a much quieter blending experience, making it suitable to use in every home.
  • This product has a standard dimension of 10.9” x 8” x 14.6”, making it very easy to find room for, even in a small kitchen. Made from the best quality materials possible, this modern blender features a scratch resistant main jar that can be used even by children who have a tendency to break everything around them!
  • By using the Krups KB790 Blender you can be sure that it can be used safely by just about anyone, as this Die Cast Bleder was designed by specialists in order to be 100% safe. Its function of automatically shutting itself off in case it jams is extremely useful for user protection. Another great feature of it is that is starts out very slow and just after a few second it speeds up, in order to avoid splashing.

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The Maximatic May Be The Best Personal Blender

The Maximatic personal blender could provide everything you are looking for in a personal smoothie maker.

If you are looking for treat, but you are always on the go, if you need something fast and something healthy as well, this little machine could prove to be the best personal blender for you as it is very inexpensive.

It comes with a 300 watt motor, 2 stainless steel blades and a built in safety feature which is an easy press down and lock. There are six single serving glasses and foam grips to cover these.

Why users rate the Maximatic as the best personal blender

Here are some other features and reviews from consumers who bought the product:

Easy to Clean:

The blender and smoothie maker is easy to clean; you can take apart the blades and clean them, as well as the glasses and lids. Be sure to be careful when cleaning the blades.

Extract from Amazon customer review:-

“This is my first review ever. At first I was hesitant about buying this blender to make my daily smoothies, but I am glad I did. I’ve had no problem with frozen fruits (as long as they are in small-ish pieces). The size is perfect for my college dorm, and it’s super easy to wash.”

Great for a single person:

This product is great for a single person looking to make a quick drink before leaving the house for college or work. It comes with single serving glasses instead of a pitcher found on family –sized smoothie makers, designed to mix smoothies for several people.

Reasonable price:

As well as the usefulness of this personal smoothie maker and blender, it’s also listed at as reasonable price. The MaxiMatic is available at a brilliant price at Amazon right now and may just be the best personal blender for the price!

There are dozens of recipe books also available that will give you lots of ideas for healthy “smoothies for one” that are economical and nutritious. The book pictured right is one of the most popular!

Extract from Amazon customer review:-

“I bought this blender based solely on the specifications after finding the Magic Bullet underpowered (check it out – none of the others have a 300 watt motor), and about the only criticism I have of it is that the cups have begun to crack after 3+ years of daily use. What more can you ask for? At this price you won’t be sorry you bought it!”

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