The Maximatic May Be The Best Personal Blender

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]The Maximatic personal blender could provide everything you are looking for in a personal smoothie maker.

If you are looking for treat, but you are always on the go, if you need something fast and something healthy as well, this little machine could prove to be the best personal blender for you as it is very inexpensive.

It comes with a 300 watt motor, 2 stainless steel blades and a built in safety feature which is an easy press down and lock. There are six single serving glasses and foam grips to cover these.

Why users rate the Maximatic as the best personal blender

Here are some other features and reviews from consumers who bought the product:

Easy to Clean:

The blender and smoothie maker is easy to clean; you can take apart the blades and clean them, as well as the glasses and lids. Be sure to be careful when cleaning the blades.

Extract from Amazon customer review:-

“This is my first review ever. At first I was hesitant about buying this blender to make my daily smoothies, but I am glad I did. I’ve had no problem with frozen fruits (as long as they are in small-ish pieces). The size is perfect for my college dorm, and it’s super easy to wash.”

Great for a single person:

This product is great for a single person looking to make a quick drink before leaving the house for college or work. It comes with single serving glasses instead of a pitcher found on family –sized smoothie makers, designed to mix smoothies for several people.

Reasonable price:

As well as the usefulness of this personal smoothie maker and blender, it’s also listed at as reasonable price. The MaxiMatic is available at a brilliant price at Amazon right now and may just be the best personal blender for the price!

There are dozens of recipe books also available that will give you lots of ideas for healthy “smoothies for one” that are economical and nutritious. The book pictured right is one of the most popular!

Extract from Amazon customer review:-

“I bought this blender based solely on the specifications after finding the Magic Bullet underpowered (check it out – none of the others have a 300 watt motor), and about the only criticism I have of it is that the cups have begun to crack after 3+ years of daily use. What more can you ask for? At this price you won’t be sorry you bought it!”

Makes drinks fast-perfect for someone on the go:

babyThe MaxiMatic personal blender is also fast and easy to use. Reviewers agree that it is great as a personal drink blender as it delivers them really fast. In addition to making smoothies, it can be used for a variety of small blending and pureeing tasks. Mothers also use this to make baby food as well as it is very easy to blend a small portion in just seconds.

Makes drinks with little noise:

Most blenders and very loud and disturbing to adults, pets, and children; but the MaxiMatic personal drink blender blends food with very little noise. Most people like this because they can make drinks while people are sleeping, or if a mother is making a drink for herself whilst her baby is napping. It is great anytime or anywhere throughout the day.

Perfect for college students:

When a student is going off to college, this is a perfect gift for Moms to send with the, it is perfect for helping to ensure they continue to eat healthily even when they are fending for themselves, maybe on a tight budget. This little machine is easy to travel, can fit it any suitcase or bag, and it is small and useful for a student in a dorm room. It can also be used for someone going on a trip who wants something in their hotel room and is especially useful for sales people and others who travel for their jobs and find it hard to continue to eat healthily when faced with a steady diet of meals on the go and hotel food.

So powerful for a little blender:

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]Despite its small size, the MaxiMatic is also known to be very powerful. It can handle all sorts of different foods and items for blending or making smoothies. It can handle fruits and vegetables and even ice at a quiet rate.

There are so many good reasons to buy the MaxiMatic personal blender. With how small it is, how fast it works, and the reasonable price, it may just be the best personal blender for you!

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