Tips on Making Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

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If you are trying to lose weight, healthy smoothies for weight loss are a really nutritious snack you can make at home. Low-calorie snacks are something that can be bought ready made but these may not only be expensive, they may also have have a lot of ingredients which you could not really describe as healthy. Slim smoothies for weight loss can easily be made with just about any kind of fruit, fresh or frozen. You need to add some yogurt which can be either low fat or no fat and if you use probiotic yogurt, your smoothie will be even more healthy.

To make your smoothie even more creamy and delicious, you can add ice cubes – but this is not essential.

Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss

If you are going to make your own healthy smoothies for weight loss, ideally you should purchase a smoothie maker or smoothie blender. There are lots of inexpensive blenders on the market if you are on a tight budget although you can spend more and get yourself a really top of the range model such as one of the Blendtec blenders like the Blendtec Xpress. What you need to be sure of is that the blender you choose is good enough to crush ice and frozen fruit. You will find that quite a lot of blenders are robust enough to crush frozen ingredients so it is a really good idea to purchase one that is either branded as a smoothie maker or which states specifically that it can deal with frozen ingredients.

frozen fruitYou can prepare in advance by freezing fruit in chunks ready for making a speedy smoothie snack. You can also freeze your yogurt in small quantities – again, this makes whizzing up a healthy smoothie when you are feeling hungry, almost as quick as reaching for the cookie jar. You really only need to have one of your ingredients frozen so it is probably best to freeze the fruit when you have time to prepare it and use the yogurt straight from the fridge.

Slim smoothies are made by mixing your fruit and yogurt together in the smoothie maker. It is fun experimenting with different quantities and different types of fruit. As mentioned earlier, ice cubes make really thick and creamy smoothies but add absolutely no calories! You can use sweetener rather than sugar if your fruits are a little sharp, but honey is probably a better option, especially if you can use some active Manuka honey and you will not need very much.

smooothies for weight lossIf you are trying to kick start your weight loss program, you could make meal replacement lose weight smoothies. It is important to remember though that you should not replace too many meals with smoothies because cutting down on calories too much can actually be counter-productive and cause your metabolism to slow down. When this happens, weight loss can be harder rather than easier. It is probably better to make a really delicious healthy meal replacement smoothie at lunchtime or instead of an afternoon snack from time to time. Concentrate on giving yourself top quality nutrition rather than some of the doubtful ingredients in some ready-made low calorie snacks and meal replacements.

avocadoAvocados are just one of the delicious ingredients you can use in meal replacement smoothies.

Avocados are very high in vitamins and minerals although you may find that smoothies with avocado as the main ingredient will probably require some sweetening. Papayas are another great fruit you could use as the central ingredient in lose weigh smoothies.

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The most important thing to remember when making healthy smoothies for weight loss, is to choose fruits that you really enjoy.

This will ensure two things, firstly your slim smoothie will seem like a delicious treat rather than something you are having but only because it is low calorie.

Secondly, it will ensure that you have the variety in your low calorie diet that you need if it is not to become boring. This way, you will stick at it and achieve great results.

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