Top Tips for the Perfect Smoothie

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Blending a Smoothie.

Add your ingredients to the smoothie maker jug and make sure that the lid is correctly positioned before you start.  Blend the ingredients for anything between 10 seconds and 45 seconds, depending on the fruit or vegetables you are using, how full your mixing jug is and the power of the motor on your Smoothie Maker.  The point you want to reach is when ALL the contents have been completely liquidised and the mixture is circulating from the top down to the bottom as well as round.

Top Smoothie Maker Tips

If you fill your blender jug too full, your mixture will never get to proper circulation, no matter how powerful your motor is.  Make sure your model has the key features as explained in Features to look for When you Buy a Smoothie Maker.

If adding seeds or nuts to a smoothie mixture, add the liquid first, then the seeds and/or nuts and blend really well before adding the fruits.

If you are adding any liquid extract like vanilla or almond, this always goes in last, give a final ‘whizz’ just before serving.

For extra creaminess, be sure to freeze the fruit overnight for a perfect breakfast smoothie.

frozen fruitIf making a larger quantity of mixture than you can drink at one time, freeze in a suitable container and thaw in the refrigerator.

Make smoothie ice lollies.  The kids will love them on a hot day and they will be getting a nutritious snack, not a store bought ice full of E numbers.

For convalescent children and adults, a fruit smoothie is a delicious way to tempt them back into taking in some high quality nutrition, packed with vitamins.

Basic Dairy Alternative Smoothies

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Liquid: 1-2 cups of the liquid of your choice, choose almond, rice or soy milk.  If you are calorie counting, you can use any of these in a half and half mix with water. 

You can also use fruit juice but it would be best to use organic juice or, if not available, check the pack for unwanted additives such as extra sugar or colourings.  Add to this, ¼ cup of live probiotic yoghourt (low fat if you are calorie counting). Probiotics are great for boosting your immune system and are great for your digestive health

Additions: You do not have to have any additions, but you might like to consider adding a scoop of protein powder and/or a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seed for the valuable omega-3 oils.  If you have IBS or other digestive complaint, you may like to add 1 scoop of L-glutamine powder.

Fruit: At least ½ cup of frozen fruit – you can make this a mixture of any fruits you fancy.

Blend your smoothie and enjoy!

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