Try Out the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]It is finally summer and the perfect time for smoothies. These are healthy and a great way to get your fruits and vegetables for the day. However they are also really delicious and refreshing – just what you need on a hot summer’s day. There are many different appliances on the market but they are not all as good as each other at the task of blending fruits and vegetables and crushing ice to make the perfect smoothie. If you have ever tried making one of these drinks using a traditional blender you know it can be messy affair. A regular blender may not have enough power to actually blend the fruit or vegetables so that you end up with a lumpy mixture which is not very appetizing. Commercial companies that sell smoothies use incredibly powerful commercial blenders that pulverize the ingredients without a problem. So what can you use in your home that you can afford and that will do the job well? Take a look at the new Hamilton Beach 56221 Smoothie Smart Blender it might just suit your needs.

What makes a good or bad smoothie maker?

the 56621 blender

This blender has all the power you need to get perfect results

The kinds of features you need in a blender that you are going to use for making smoothies or frozen drinks is a machine that has power to do the job. What you don’t want in a blender is one that requires you to keep hitting the button and opening up the blender to stir the contents around so that it all gets blended.

To work well a smoothie blender should have at least 500 watts in power. It would also help if the container pours easily and doesn’t cause a mess getting the smoothie into the glass. Sturdiness is also important in a smoothie maker – the base needs to be solid particularly if the model has a high powered motor.

The blades are really important. They need to be stainless steel so that they are durable and can do things like crush ice. Finally the whole machine should be easy to clean, easy to take apart and put together again.

Features of the 56621 Blender:

  • Just hitting the blend button once works – one touch smoothie.
  • The machine has power – 700 watt peak power so you don’t have to worry about the ingredients being liquefied.
  • The ‘unique wave action system’ (I am not exactly sure what this means but it works) makes it so you don’t have to keep stirring the ingredients – it all gets blended from top to bottom of the container.
  • Excellent pouring spout on the container so you don’t end with smoothie all over the glass or the counter or the floor.
  • Stainless steel blades actually crush ice easily.
simple to use controls

the button controls are simple to use and easy to understand

It’s not complicated to use – there are only a few buttons and they say what they do. There is a ‘crush ice’ button, a ‘smoothie button’, and a power on/off button. The container is easy to clean and the whole machine is pretty rugged with a heavy glass container and a stainless steel base. The price is for this machine, built to North American Electrical Standards is great for a family sized appliance with all the great features that this one offers. Check out the best discounted price at Amazon here!

On the negative side it sounds like a lawn mower probably because of the amount of power involved. It is quick though so you don’t have to listen to the noise for long!

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