Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender Review

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The Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender is another super model from pioneer manufacturer Waring who have been making blenders for over sixty years.

It is sturdily built with a choice of stainless-steel blending jar or traditional ridged glass and both options come with a baked-enamel base. It is entirely what sophistication is all about when it comes to kitchen appliances. Not only does is have a high-end feel but also the durability is also there. This model not only looks sleek and stylish it also performs as brilliantly as it looks.

Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender

Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender stainless steel version

This blender is powered with a 390-watt motor which is just enough for your everyday blending needs. It includes a non-detachable stainless-steel blade which is why you do not have to worry about losing the seal on it. It only functions with high and low speeds, but it performs swiftly with just the two speeds and really does not need more options.

Its functionality provides you with flavourful blending, chopping and pureeing. It is not only perfect for professional kitchen use but with its great value price any household could also use this high-end blender in their kitchen.

extract from customer review:-

“My old blender chopped ice terribly; I got tired of chewing little ice chunks, and getting “skull freeze” all the time, so I decided to upgrade. I was so glad I got this model, because I don’t even notice the ice now. I can truly call my fruit drink a “smoothie”. It’s so much more delicious and enjoyable. It’s also very easy to use, and cleanup is a snap.”

You can use this link Waring PBB25 Professional Bar Blender, Black and Stainless Steel
to visit the product page on Amazon for all the blenders shown – the stainless steel version is currently available at a huge saving of $71 – but the glass jar versions are an even bigger bargain at almost half price! All models are available with FREE shipping too!

Waring Professional Colourways

waring professional colourways

The Waring Professional also comes in a glass jar version in four colourways

The blender may be a little on the noisy side but that is about the only drawback I can find with this powerful kitchen appliance. The thirty two ounce capacity of the metal jar is not the biggest on the market, but this is offset by the speed with which you could blend another batch if required and the fact that the jar is just about unbreakable. Another big plus for me about having a metal blender jar is that it keeps iced drinks cold a lot longer.

The glass jar versions have a capacity of 40 ounces. The blenders are easy to clean since metal and glass jar are non-stick and will not scratch and harbour bacteria in the same way that I plastic jar could. Cleaning is easy with the fixed self-cleaning blade which does not need removing so the only separate part to wash is the lid! If you require a blender primarily as a smoothie maker, this machine will create healthy, delicious, creamy smoothies with just about any ingredients, fresh or frozen that you choose to use.

extract from customer review:-

With family visiting for the holiday season and a burning desire for smoothies all round, I needed a good solid blender that would deal with ice, lots of fruit, Dacquiri-making and even soup blending without fuss. I ordered the Waring after a positive experience with one of their juicers, and seeing the good reviews here at Amazon. I wasn’t disappointed – this blender is very well-made, easy to set up and use and has just the right features. Two speeds really is all you need! Ice and heavy fruit chunks are blended quickly and without overloading the powerful motor.

[ad#Adsense Block For Every Post]The Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender performs entirely as you would expected with all the sophistication it possesses. It is an appliance that you can expect to last long among your kitchen items. The entire package includes a thirty two ounce stainless steel jar (or if you choose the glass jar model, a 40 ounce clover-leaf jar) and a 390-watt motor base, both designed with chrome accents. It is covered with a one year warranty and a five year warranty for the motor.
Check Out The Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender in the Video Below.

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