Whey Protein Weight Loss Smoothies

Whey protein weight loss smoothies are often included in the diets of professional sportspeople and body builders for a variety of reasons. Whey protein, which is made from cow’s milk during the process of making cheese, is considered to be a high quality source of protein that is extremely low fat and easily digestible.

Protein accelerates the growth and repair of muscles and is great as part of a weight loss plan, as it does not turn to fat like carbohydrates do, and makes you feel full and less likely to snack between meals.

Many vegetarians drink whey protein smoothies as they give them plenty of protein, which is often lacking from a diet that does not include meat.

Whey protein powder can be purchased from any health food or fitness store and come in a wide range of flavours, such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. When making a whey protein weight loss smoothies, choose a flavour that will complement the other ingredients. By adding the powder to a delicious, nutritious smoothie, you have the benefit of all the vitamins and goodness packed into the fruit, and a much tastier way of taking whey powder than as a bland protein drink.

How To Make Whey Protein Weight Loss Smoothies

To your smoothie maker, add your fruit, yogurt (unsweetened or Greek yogurt for even more protein) and skimmed milk. Some people add ice to their smoothies, but it depends on your personal taste. Ice is a great addition to smoothies on hot summer days. Mix the fruit, yogurt and milk until smooth, and then add your scoops of whey protein powder. Check the instructions on the packet to make sure you add the right number of scoops to your smoothie. Mix it again; making sure all the powder is completely dissolved.

Smoothie with fruitsDelicious whey protein weight loss smoothies can be made with banana, blueberries and strawberries. The banana adds fibre and potassium for a great energy boost, and gives the drink a thicker consistency. The strawberries are packed with vitamin C and the blueberries have antioxidant properties. For even more protein, use soy milk and almonds; add them to bananas and raisins for an alternative to the berry-based smoothie. The soy milk and almonds have high protein content, and the raisins add sweetness to make the smoothie tastier.

whey protein weight loss smoothiesA whey protein weight loss smoothie makes a tasty, healthy breakfast that is ideal for those with busy lives and little time to sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal in the morning. You can even prepare the smoothie the night before and store it in the refrigerator overnight. For those following a weight loss plan, the whey protein smoothie can be used to replace lunch or dinner. If you want to make a savoury smoothie, blast some vegetables in a blender and then add them to the other ingredients in your smoothie maker. Choose vegetables and fruits that go well together, such as bananas with carrots or pears with spinach. Do not forget to add your whey protein powder for all its health benefits.

To help you better understand how whey protein is beneficial for weight loss, click on this YouTube video: Whey Protein for Weight Loss

Low Calorie Whey Protein Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

Strawberry, banana and whey protein shake

Berries, greek yoghurt & whey protein shake

Banana, pineapple, wh